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An Oklahoma based investment firm fueled by innovation, driven by owners, and navigated with principles.

Total Sq Ft
Operated Storage Facilities

Who We Are

We are experienced professionals with breadth and depth of expertise who relentlessly focus on creating value for our stakeholders. We believe in the power of transparency and candor and that people come first – our goal is to enable people to be the best version of themselves. We are providers for our growing families and supporters of the communities where we live and work

What We Do

Investing With Luminus Capital

“I have been especially pleased with my decision to invest in Luminus Capital. Not only are the properties handled well, but I’ve been very impressed at how investments and communications are handled. I’ve used multiple investment platforms through prior investments and the approach Luminus uses is outstanding! “
Dan Arthur
Tulsa, OK

We Are Serious About Buying Storage

Do you own a storage facility? Are ready to move on, or not sure who will take over when you retire? We want to help you and promise to listen and help find a solution. Let us show you why storage owners have worked with us in the past. We work with owners directly and with brokers.

We will not waste your time or play games.

What we're looking for

20k Sq Ft

We are looking to acquire self storage facilities with greater than 20,000 rentable square feet


We are actively acquiring in the heartland and love investing here. We will consider other non-coastal states for the right opportunity.

Existing Facilities

We focus on buying existing storage facilities. We do consider expansion projects as well.